*In the new millennium, the expanding global economy continues to create unparalleled economic growth and personal wealth.

As a result of the global economic growth, architecture is experiencing a renaissance in building technology that is enabling new engineering marvels.

At 3sixty Technology our love for creation, concept development, design architecture and engineering has been focused, over the years, on what we believe is the next emerging sector - dynamic architecture.

Dynamic Architecture: The integration of motion into the built environment - Rotating Buildings. The effect of Dynamic Architecture impacts exterior aesthetics and overall design and enables an interior living environment experience beyond anything offered in traditional architecture.

For years you've seen the concept of motion-based buildings used in the movies and conceptually in every conceivable format except reality. The time has come for a Revolution in Living Space to begin and take hold in transforming city skylines of the future.

At 3sixty Technology, our experienced team and suite of proprietary dynamic building technology and monitoring systems enable you to become the visionary of the future.